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(English) Why would a restaurant want to sign up for the PIKUP?

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A restaurant might want to sign up for “PIKUP” for several reasons:

Increased exposure: “PIKUP” offers the opportunity for restaurants to be seen by a wider audience.

This means that the restaurant could gain more customers that it may not have reached otherwise through traditional marketing channels.

Improved efficiency: “PIKUP” streamlines the process of ordering and picking up food, which means the restaurant may be able to process more orders in less time.

This could translate into higher business volume and increased customer satisfaction.

Cost reduction: “PIKUP” could help restaurants to reduce operational costs as there would be no need to hire additional staff to process orders.

Additionally, the application streamlines the payment process, meaning the restaurant would not need a dedicated cashier.

Customer feedback: “PIKUP” offers customers the ability to leave reviews and ratings on restaurants. This could help the restaurant to improve the quality of service and better meet the needs of its customers.

Additionally, “PIKUP” is free and without any commitment contract. The application only takes a small commission on each order received, meaning the restaurant can use the application without any financial commitment.

Ultimately, signing up for “PIKUP” could help restaurants reach new customers, improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and offer an enhanced user experience for customers.

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