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Sales Agents

We are looking for sales agents across Europe who have a good knowledge of the restaurant industry or a vast network of contacts in the field. We are seeking people who are passionate about food and gastronomy, who know the market trends and who are able to identify the needs of restaurants and customers. The ideal agent should have experience in selling and promoting products or services in the restaurant industry, be able to effectively present the benefits of our application and provide excellent customer service. Additionally, it is important that the agent has good communication and relationship-building skills, is able to build strong relationships with restaurants and local partners, and is willing to work as a team with our support team. If you have these skills and characteristics, you are the person we are looking for to help us expand our food takeaway booking application across Europe!

Why is PIKUP convenient?

By becoming one of the partner restaurants with PIKUP, you can enjoy ideal visibility to grow your business and benefit from a large sales and distribution network.


  • Easy to use
  • Clear and intuitive order display
  • Changeable quantities at any time
  • Improved visibility of your expertise on social media

Save time

  • Online payment to avoid endless queues in or in front of your restaurant
  • Fast and efficient order pickup
  • Reduced order preparation time
  • Online reservation for dine-in

Increase your visibility

Stand out thanks to the marketing integrated into the application, which allows you to reach more customers and increase your sales. Create a bond with your customers Regulate your clientele, respond to reviews left on your establishment, or offer a targeted loyalty program thanks to exploitable data.

How PIKUP works for partner restaurants

The customer places an order

The customer chooses your restaurant and places an order on the PIKUP application.

You prepare the order

Your restaurant receives, accepts, and prepares the order.

The customer picks up the order

The customer picks up the order and leaves a review on PIKUP.CH.

No commitment contract.

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