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Do you want to become an entrepreneur in the food take away?

Acquire your exclusive cities and start earning money now!


“Acquire your Markets and earn money from every order generated, logistics and customer management we’ll take care of it!”


Your customers can use the official PIKUP Android and iOS app


We will handle the order from pick up to delivery, you will not have to worry about anything!


You will earn up to 10% fee on orders!

Dedicated assistance

7/7 support and training for you and your team

How does it work?

Thanks to PIKUP® You can become an entrepreneur in the world of smart delivery!
You can manage your (or your) cities in complete autonomy, administer your riders and stores affiliated to you without worrying about customer relations or logistics, the rest we take care of!
As a member of the PIKUP® group, we will provide you with all the digital tools, technical equipment, support and training you need to get started right away. Â
PIKUP ® already has over 100 businesses and more than 8 thousand users. What are you waiting to enter the world of PIKUP® too.

Will be your care As exclusive franchisee:
-The search for new stores to place, the more premises will be available to your customers, the greater the choice and this will result in an increase in the number of orders.
-Advertise as much as possible and with the tools you prefer so as to increase the number of orders.

How much can I earn?

Thanks to PIKUP. you will be entitled to up to 10% of the sales fee! *


  • Starting from a small town, we can consider 30 orders per day.
  • The average value of an order is 25€ for a total of 750€ per day.
  • PIKUP. You will be entitled up to 10% or 75.00€ per day per area!

Who determines the percentage of store fees?

You! You will be free to apply the fee you prefer as long as it is not less than a fixed percentage.

Should I handle the customers?

No, the PIKUP system will take care of everything.

Should I handle the orders?

No, once an order is received, the system and the PIKUP team will take care of it. ! You won’t have to worry about anything!

How am I gonna load a new club?

You will have a fully automated digital system at your disposal! With a few clicks the contract will be automatically generated and sent to the local.
The PIKUP assistance will always be at your disposal!

What costs do I have to bear?

To operate as a franchise PIKUP. there is no entrance fee, it is completely FREE.

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